Eagle Eye Gives

In short, we say that Eagle Eye exists to glorify God by serving our staff, our customers and our community. We are unashamedly a Christian company and want that to be seen in our actions, decision making, etc. Our objective is to make an impact on this world by the way we do business. This necessitates a holistic approach for us. Each morning we commit our day to the Lord by starting with a company-wide devotion and prayer led by a different staff member. We do not want any area of our business to remain untouched from our Christian values.

​The heart of our company is servant hood. We desire to have a company full of people that are others-first in their thinking. Our staff should always strive to maintain the humility required to serve others in the way that Christ has served us. This can be summed up in our motto: see a need, meet a need.

​At Eagle Eye we work to maintain high standards of excellence. We strive to do all of our work as unto the Lord. While we cannot control our environment, we can control our attitude and effort and expect our company to model Christ’s example in this manner. We refer to this approach as our DWS (Do Work Son or Sista) mindset.

​We also have an extensive volunteer program. Each of our employees receives 40 hours of paid time off each year to serve in the community. This is accomplished through monthly service projects coordinated by the company. We also sponsor events throughout the year and help run our annual summer camp, WIRED.