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Working for Eagle Eye is an incredibly rewarding experience. You get the atmosphere of a family-owned business along with the benefit of working with bright, talented individuals that collectively raise the bar for the entire group. We strive to serve each other and the mission above ourselves as we seek to live out Proverbs 27:17 with "iron sharpening iron." Everyone that works at Eagle Eye leaves a better person, regardless of how long you stay.

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Meet our Team

Mark Anderson | CEO/Owner

Mark Anderson has been with EEO since the concrete slab was poured. He is the O.G. As the founder and CEO, this has landed him in CRAY CRAY VILLE every day dealing with the exciting madness of running a business. He is married to the lovely Susan Anderson for 22 years and has two beautiful daughters, Olivia and Mackensie. It is very rare that Mark takes a vacation but if he’s not at EEO, he is going to the beach and hanging out with the Anderson girls. As a matter of fact, if he could take a real vacation, he would take the Anderson girls to Hawaii. The girls’ opinions matter most!

He is the Director of the Acts 29 College Ministry at Ridgecrest Baptist Church which enables him to disciple dozens of college-aged young adults on a weekly basis. He is also the Executive Director of WIRED Ministries, a local non-profit ministry in the Wiregrass that provides a variety of different events for local student ministries to unite together in service, worship, and discipleship. He is the man for any job and would likely receive “most likely to get the job done” award. Speaking of getting the job done, you may find it surprising that he can even do the worm at his old age.

Other favorite activities are….. get ready for it….. lying on the couch watching ESPN. There is no other hangout except… the couch. You can find Mark on the couch if all other duties are done. He is one passionate, intense, hardworking, dedicated and loyal CEO to EEO and we are so thankful for this leadership.

As the CEO, he really enjoys all the partnerships that EEO has developed over the years with brand partners. “We have worked really hard to develop great partnerships with our brands and it has transformed into lifelong friendships in many cases,” Mark says that people matter most and EEO is an easy way to interact with the customers, staff and Wiregrass community.
Mark loves the couch and ESPN which translates to… ALABAMA Football. He is quite the fan and even argued allowing other collegiate brands to be represented. He loves contemporary Christian music, more ESPN, and this night owl doesn’t prefer hot weather or cold weather, just give him a fall and spring season for something in between. Speaking of fall, has anyone checked ESPN for the Crimson Tide win today?

Although he’s a big guy (big-hearted), he prefers lunch options at KBC and the Cellar, as well as grilled food, sweet tea, and salty blends. Food is life.

Interview with CEO Mark Anderson:

In your opinion, what makes EEO so unique/special?  What separates EEO from other retailers is our commitment to customer service, the quality and selection of the brands that we carry, the convenient shopping experience that we offer, and the genuine love we have for our community! A lot of retailers talk about all four of these attributes but we do our best to live out our commitment to these attributes every day we have the opportunity to serve our customers. All four of these attributes are driven by the core value of People Matter Most. As a company, we don’t judge success by our sales totals or profit margin. Rather, success is only defined by whether or not we seized the opportunity to make an impact in the life of the person that is right in front of us. Our store motto is “See a need, meet a need.” It is one thing to say that is your motto, but it is a completely different thing to live that out each day from one customer to the next. What makes EEO different is we actually have the audacity to believe that we can.

Why do you do what you do? Because I love every aspect of retail! I don’t view what I do as a job because I have too much fun doing it. There are aspects of being an owner that I don’t particularly love as much as others, but I couldn’t see myself doing anything else in life.

What is the greatest compliment that anyone could give you? To be told that they believe that I am a servant. To me, there is no greater compliment that can be given to someone. Not just a servant, but a willful servant who enjoys serving others and all that goes with it. Jesus Christ said that He did not come to be served but to serve, and any of us that wants to be first must be last. My prayer is that I daily do all that I can to live up to the standard that He has set for us.


Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson | CFO/Owner

Susan Anderson is the other OG. She has been with EEO since partying like it’s 1999. She absolutely loves the staff and customers which makes EEO so special to her. She would be voted “Most Likely to Marry her High School Sweetheart”… because she did! Mark and Susan have 2 beautiful children and they keep her super busy. You can most likely find her taxiing her kids to practices and meets, dropping in for a nice lunch along the way at The Cellar or KBC. She has to have her coffee to keep going but somehow survives on little sleep, rising early and staying up late. 

She loves music with a pretty impressive lineup of Prince, Bon Jovi, Rend Collective, Need to Breathe, Ed Sheeran on her playlist. She can most likely be found dressed in Prana, Free People & Johnny Was and her generous, outgoing personality will make her easy to spot. She is super competitive and gets on edge during football season, cheering on her Auburn Tigers. She hasn’t been the mascot for Auburn, but she may have been dressed as the Easter Bunny at the mall a few moons ago. She prefers flip flops in the cold weather, but what do you expect out of South Alabama? She loves watching her daughter compete in gymnastics.

Susan’s favorite quote is "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery. Today is a Gift, That's why it is the Present.” Say hi to this fearless leader next time you’re dropping in to buy something fun!


Dustin Lee | General Manager

Dustin has been a member of the Eagle Eye family for a decade. That’s a long time. He loves investing in people and loves time with his wife and two children. He likes long walks on the beach….. ok, not really. Dustin likes adventure, skydiving, and working out, but also likes to chill out and read, sip coffee at Dakota Coffee, and lead teens as a Student Pastor.

On his lunch break, you may find him at KBC (have you had their sandwiches?), and prefers to be a little on the healthy side choosing grilled foods over fried but can’t say no to something sweet over something salty. He is an early riser, prefers summertime paired with flip flops, but once fall rolls around, he will be cheering on the Alabama Crimson Tide.

As a true leader, his favorite quote is: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” He loves leading the staff at EEO because it’s such a community amongst the staff. They serve each other in efforts to serve the local community. Look for Dustin next time you’re in EEO tell him to keep working hard so he can fulfill his desire to tour Europe with his beautiful wife and 2 precious children.


David Benton | Operations Manager

David has been with us since 2009! Three words that best describe him are caring, personable and funny. I am sure his wife appreciates all three! When he was younger, David had a stuttering problem which is unbeknownst to many! I’m glad the class clown can laugh about this now. 

He loves dogs, movies, country music and Auburn football (War Eagle).  Cold weather is his favorite, especially with a warm cup of joe to wake him up in the mornings. Traveling to Scotland to see the Northern Lights is a top priority on his bucket list. If you see him out for lunch in Dothan you are probably at Buffalo Wild Wings (Grilled, not fried) and the Cellar. Did we mention he REALLY likes food?  

This leader’s favorite quote is “If serving is below you, leadership is beyond you.” As the operations manager, he knows what it takes to be a leader and teaches his staff the meaning of service and leadership. 


Kelley Johnson | Marketing Manager

Our one and only remote employee, Kelley Johnson has served as our freelance graphic designer since 2014. At the beginning of 2017, Kelley became EEO’s first full-time remote employee all the way from Oregon. Kelley is the mastermind behind all EEO advertising so she is in charge of making the Eagle’s name awesome all over the internet. She is married to Chris and they have one “child": a beautiful black and tan coonhound. His name is ….. Dude! Their family of three loves spending time outdoors in nature in the beautiful mountains and forests of Oregon.

This introverted artist loves to be laid back since she works from home and can be found chillin’ in super soft EEO t-shirts and leggins mostly. Kelley surprisingly loves House music because it’s upbeat and gets her on a good work flow… which is necessary to run this show behind the scenes. Kelley is a Roll Tide, fried foodie fan that has to have the following when she trips over to Dothan: Pig Out, Miss Covington’s, Labamba & Momma G’s.


Kerry Williamson | Inventory Manager

His amazing bio will be coming soon...