10 Summer Activities For Kids: Social Distance Approved

10 Summer Activities For Kids: Social Distance Approved

Summer is closely approaching and with kids already home and out of school, parents are running out of ideas of things they can do with their kids. To help families and parents during this COVID-19 stay at home, we have come up with 10 summer activities for kids that are social distance approved and fun for a variety of ages!

1. Write Letters & Care Packages for Seniors

Stay-at-home orders are starting to lift in several states however for our senior citizens and senior care centers who are still at risk, this is not the case. Why not help spread some joy and love by writing letters, making homemade cards, and putting together care packages to delivery to a local elderly care center or relatives living in a care facility. Senior citizen care package ideas include: homemade goodies, puzzles, books, toiletries, a decorative plant, or any homemade gift. 

Photo by Michelen Studios

Photo by Michelen Studios

2. Backyard Obstacle Course

Why not have a little friendly family competition by creating a backyard obstacle course. Grab pool noodles, jump ropes, hula hoops, boxes to jump over, boards to balance on and see who can complete the course in the fastest time. Check out more backyard obstacle course ideas for tips and suggestions.

3. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

This is a great summer activity for kids that also gets your children out of the house and moving. For younger kids see if they can find items in your neighborhood that start with each letter of the alphabet. For older kids make it a photo scavenger hunt, where they have to take artsy, creative photos on their phones of the items on their list. You can also search online for free printable scavenger and nature hunt sheets.

4. Make Cardboard Box Creations

Since social distancing and the need to stay home, we all have taken advantage of home deliveries. So what to do with all of those cardboard boxes? Why not have your kids create an engineering masterpiece. Maybe a life size robot. A dollhouse. A raceway for matchbox cars. A monster truck. How creative can they get? Grab your glue gun, markers, masked tape and let their imagination and building skills go to work!

                                           Photo by Markus Spiske

5. Create Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are the perfect summer snack and treat. They can also be a fun healthy options for kids to get some fruits and veggies that they may not normally make. Help create a budding new chef by having them experiment with coming up with different smoothie recipes to find your family favorite! Check out these 10 Smoothie Recipes to help get them started.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao

6. Zoom Storytime

Have your older kids help younger siblings, cousins or friends by arranging a special zoom storytime. Set a day and time, invite your smaller friends, select the books they want to read and have fun. A great way to involve multiple ages of kids and connect families and friends who haven’t seen each other in awhile.

7. Dothan Peanut & Mural Hunt

Photo by Murals of the Wiregrass

For our local Dothan, AL friends, take the kids on a tour of our community. Have they already seen all of the 40 and more Dothan peanuts around town? Have they ever noticed the many historic murals painted on buildings all around? Why not take the time to learn more and discover the many hidden gems in our local Wiregrass area.

8. Volunteer for an Immune Compromised Neighbor

Eagle Eye is all about serving others and our community. So why not help teach your children the value and importance of volunteering and serving others this summer. Reach out to a neighbor who is immune compromised and ask to go grocery shopping for them. Volunteer to mow or clean up an elderly neighbors yard. Bake cookies for your local doctor’s office or hospital and deliver with a special thank you note.

9. COVID-19 Time Capsule

Why not help your kids remember this unique time in our world history by making a COVID-19 Time Capsule. This free printable quarantine time capsule is a great way to help kids process their feelings and remember what grade they were in, capture their hand prints, interview the family and remember this time in their life.

10. Backyard Campout

Since many families had to give up spring break vacation and travelling for summer vacation, why not make a special memory and bring the vacation out back. Grab your tent and plan a special backyard camping trip. Roast s’mores, play cards by flash light, tell stories under the stars and have breakfast watching the sunrise. Quality time together while creating happy and fun memories.

Eagle Eye Outfitters hopes this list of social distance approved 10 Summer Activities for Kids helps families and children take life outside and stay connected in community. Be sure to share with us which activity ends up being your kids’ favorite!