Here at Eagle Eye, we have what we like to call the “Circle of Service”. Three components make up this circle: Our Staff, Our Customers, and Our Community. We believe very strongly that people matter most.

Eagle Eye Outfitters Circle of Service. Serve Staff, Customer, and Community

See a need. Meet a need.

We seek to glorify God in every aspect of this circle and in everything we do. Our ultimate objective is to make an impact on this world by the way we do business. We desire to be different, set apart.

Our staff plays a huge role in the success of this objective. We strongly believe in taking the time to invest and pour into our staff. Each staff member is extremely valuable to our team and we appreciate each of them so much.

Our customers are another vital piece of our Circle of Service. We strive to have each customer exit our store with pure joy. Staff members should always do their best to maintain the humility required to serve others in the way that Christ has served us. Our ultimate goal in this area is relationships with our customers, rather than just transactions.

Our community is why we are here. As a locally owned, small business, we do our best to plug in and give back as much as we can. Our company’s motto is “See a need, meet a need”, and one way we do this is through our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program.


One way we give back to our community is through our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) program. Thanks to all the local non-profits, schools, and organizations who allow us to serve alongside of you, thank you!

This program is designed so that employees are paid per usual, to volunteer in our community. Volunteer hours are added in with employee’s regular schedules. We currently serve with over 20 different organizations throughout our community. VTO is a fantastic way to see the needs in our community, as well as build lasting relationships with people. Another way that we contribute to our community is by giving a percentage of our sales each day back into the community – whether that be through VTO needs or through sponsorships of local ministries like Wired Ministries and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).

Our greatest hope and desire is that other businesses will lean in and open their minds to the possibility of having a Volunteer Time Off program or something similar. VTO is such a beneficial program not only to our community but also to our staff. We look forward to growing our VTO program for years to come, and we also anticipate all that God is going to do in our community over time. If you would like to read more about our VTO program and how you can get involved, click here to read about it on our blog.