7 Simple Tips to Get Your Kids to Play Outside

7 Simple Tips to Get Your Kids to Play Outside

It’s summertime, which means it’s time to get outside and embrace the sunshine! However, as a result of our ever-growing reliance on technology, people are spending more time indoors and less time with nature. In an article by Child in the City, they note how “The National Trust research showed that children are playing outside for an average of just over four hours a week. This compares unfavorably with 8.2 hours for their parents when they were children.”

Just four hours? That’s not good; kids (and adults) need to get outside every day. These tips will help you get your kids to play outside.

1. Organize an Outdoor Play Date

Organizing an outdoor play date is a great way to get your kids outside. Talk to other parents in the neighborhood, and see if you all could set up a daily time where all the children play outside together after school. Creating an environment where everyone is outside and enjoying nature helps kids connect the outdoors with fun.

2. Have Technology be a Reward

Instead of setting a limit for how much time your children can play video games or watch TV, try having technology be the “reward” for getting outside. The longer your kids play outside, the “longer” they can spend watching TV. Keep in mind, that the reward should be much shorter than the time spent outside.

3. Go on a Nature Walk

To help your children get acquainted with nature, set up weekly nature walks. Summer is a wonderful time to do this. Hit up some of the National Parks in your area, or go on a walk around the lake. Point out different features, animals, and plants—nature walks are an easy way to create an awesome learning experience. Before you head out, pick up a walking stick, a canteen, and work boots at your nearest Dothan, AL, outdoor store.

4. Family Bike Rides

If you and your little ones don’t like walking, then go on a bike ride instead. Many cities around the country have trails and bike paths that can take you through parks, lakefronts, and other beautiful sites. This is also a wonderful time for you to connect with your children.

5. Go Outside with Them

Depending on their age, your kids might be a bit scared to explore the outdoors, especially if it’s somewhere other than the backyard. If they see that you’re having fun outdoors, they’ll be more likely to join in and do the same.

6. Utilize Their Interests

You might like gardening, hiking, or bird watching, but that doesn’t mean that your children will. You may need to do some creative thinking, but there are plenty of ways to get them outside that draw on their current interests. If they like a certain sport, play it with them. If they like cooking, find fresh ingredients at a farmers’ market together.

7. Make an Outdoor Activity Jar

It’s common for parents and kids to get a little stumped when coming up with outdoor activities. On a rainy day, sit down with your little ones and list out all the different enjoyable things that you can do outside. If you’re feeling adventurous and a little tired of brainstorming, you can get outside and splash around in your rain boots!