Beach Christmas Gift Ideas

Beach Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again, and with our store being so close to those white sandy beaches, and our weather is almost near perfect for year-round beach trips… We have the best beach Christmas gifts to offer for nearly anyone and yourself!  

  • Bogg Bag: Our ideal and go-to bag for the beach is the Original Bogg Bag. As an authorized retailer of Bogg Bag, this bag is most often referred to for its large tote appearance that's waterproof and made from a material called EVA (think Crocs). It comes in many pretty colors and sizes, and our Original Bogg Bag is the only size you need to fit all your beach essentials. You can hold towels, snacks, sunscreen, and more inside. One thing we like about Bogg Bag for the beach is that if you need to hose it off at the end of the beach day – you can empty it and do so! It's firm and sturdy, and the sides don't collapse.  


  • Simply Totes: Another excellent beach staple is the Simply Totes made by Simply Southern. Similar to above, they come in many colors, and they resemble the same hole-like pattern that is more fun if you add charms and personalize them! These bags also include removable inner pouches for smaller, more personal items you have in tow on the beach.  


  • Creative Brands Canvas: These bags are perfect for any trip, especially the beach, and feature cute, specific labels on each that you can pick out to best suit your gift. They also make a cute stuffed bag with beach items to put under the tree. We have five different styles: one for ESSENTIALS,’ one that says ‘WEEKENDER,’ one that says ‘BLESSED,’ one that says ‘GETAWAY,’ and for the one who loves sports. we have ‘GAMEDAY.’ 


  • Yeti Carryall: The Yeti Camino Carryall Bag is one of a kind. It’s the perfect tote bag to handle a long day at the beach. It’s waterproof, durable, and contains a bottom made with EVA material that will keep it upright and all of your items inside protected. The opening is big enough to fit all your things inside, and the outside of the bag is puncture and abrasion-resistant. 


  • Kanga: At the top of our list for coolers with no need for ice are the Kanga coolers. These pouches were first seen on the popular television show ‘Shark Tank.’ They fit an entire cold six-pack of any beverage you choose and keep it cold for hours!  


  • BruMate Can Coolers: These are the ultimate game-changer for your beach beverage. They are made with triple-insulated stainless steel and keep your cans cold for hours. Their new 3-in-1 insulated can coolers fit 16-ounce and 12-ounce cans and can also be turned into a 16-ounce tumbler cup with a clear, shatterproof lid!  


  • Hydro Flask Soft Cooler: Coming in 18, 20, and 26L sizes – The Hydro Flask cooler tote is designed to keep your drinks cold for 36 hours! Perfect for a day on the beach or any event outside. The best thing about this one is its carry options. It includes a removable cross-body strap and shoulder straps for better carrying comfort.  


  • Swig: Another option if you’re looking for variations in sizes, function, or design is the coolers we carry from Swig. If you are gifting someone with little ones, we suggest the backpack cooler – perfect for snacks and beverages and lightweight with a cushioned shoulder pad while they juggle everything else.  


  • Lounger Mat: Perfect for any water day adventure, these beach chair mats are lightweight and provide comfort, with individual styles coming in 4 cute patterns. It folds up and contains a strap to carry on your own!  


  • Beach/Picnic Blanket: These Blankets are far bigger and wrap tighter than any towel, and are super cute! When you’re done, they make for plenty of space in your bag when they wrap back up. 


  • SunBum: From Sunscreen to lip balm, these products are worth more than just a day to the beach at the cost of protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  


  • Olukai: We have tons of Olukai sandals and flip-flops perfect for the beach and warm and sunny weather. One of our favorites is the Men's Olukai Tuahine Waterproof Leather Beach Sandal. Made with waterproof leather straight from the island of Hawaii. Not only are they just waterproof, but they are comfortable too! 


  • Rainbow: Some of our best-selling flip-flops come from Rainbow. Our favorite is the Boys’ Rainbow Grombow Rubber flops – perfect for walking along the beach. They are soft and squishy and come in toddler sizes with a heel strap. 



  • Chaco: The Chaco sandal is one of our beloved outdoor water adventure shoes. More than just that they are comfortable and supportive. Try this stylish pair for your kids next trip to the beach.  


  • You’ll always need a solid set of shades for a trip to the beach. We have you covered there if that’s your gift this year. From Costa to Oakley (in-store only), to Ray Ban, plus Diff Eyewear and Bajio, your options are endless! 


  • Are you looking for something affordable and haven’t piqued your interest with anything beachy on this list. You can’t go wrong with the Hemlock Hats. The ultimate sun protector with a UPF brim liner – it’s perfect for the beach or just cutting the grass. 

We hope these Christmas Gift ideas for the beach lover in your life will bring fun and memorable times to your next trip to those white-sandy beaches.