Best Ways to Dress in Southern Style

Best Ways to Dress in Southern Style

Family, tradition, heritage—these all represent the southern way of life. You can see this in the food, music, and style of southern communities. Specifically, clothing plays a big role in southern tradition. The best ways to dress in southern style show off your fashion sense even in warm climates. Use these tips to dress your best for any occasion.


Blouses are loose-fitting tops for women. They gather at the waist or hips and lightly skim the body. They function well with different items of clothing depending on your mood. For example, you can tuck them into pencil skirts for a night out or wear them under blazers for business-casual occasions.


Sweaters provide warmth and style for both men and women, and you have many styles to choose from, such as crew neck and cardigan. The pattern of the material determines the style. Argyle sweaters have a diamond or lozenge with overlapping motifs. Crew necks taper off around the neckline and are meant to be worn with other layers. Cardigans have an open front with buttons, unlike the other two, which are pullovers.


Dresses always scream fabulous. The flow and simplicity of their design allow for maximum comfort and style. Sheath dresses are a perfect example because they’re nipped at the waistline with no waist seam. You can accessorize yours with a long necklace, heels, or wear it under a blazer. The possibilities for sheath dresses are limitless. However, looser-fitting dresses, like maxi dresses or sundresses, may better suit your mood or event.

Polo or Button-Down

All men should own either a polo or button-down shirt. These items convey character, elegance, and sophistication. One of the most practical aspects of these articles is that they are appropriate for both semi-formal and casual situations, whether at the office or on a night out.


Lastly, khakis go with any great polo or button-down shirt. The natural fit these pants offer to any outfit ensures comfort and good form. Complement khakis with boat shoes, boots, or dress shoes, depending on the occasion. No matter what, these pants, along with a nice shirt and pair of shoes, will show everyone you’re dressing for success. Just be sure to hold them up with a black or brown belt as a stylish accessory.

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