Changing the Face of Beauty

Changing the Face of Beauty

Eagle Eye Outfitters is a proud participating company of “Changing the Face of Beauty”.  We are thrilled to be a part of the Change the Face of Beauty Movement, allowing us the opportunity to join in with other companies to include models with visible differences in their advertising. We hope through this effort, people living with a disability or a visible difference feel they are seen and represented in the world they are living in.

“Changing the Face of Beauty” (CTFOB) was founded by Steve English and Katie Driscoll. This campaign grew from the love they both have for their families and for the community of children and young adults with disabilities. Our world is a visual world and their goal was to show how beautiful all people are.

They both felt it was important for everyone from all backgrounds and walks of life to be included in advertising.  They started their own campaign in the beginning of 2012 and through the help of organizations, companies, and media outlets recognizing their efforts, they have developed and are now speaking out for children and young adults with different abilities around the world.

Since the start, Katie continues to grow the campaign by organizing, casting, and promoting photography as well as online campaigns encouraging companies to consider people of all abilities when they cast for their ads.

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