Devices Down

Devices Down

At Eagle Eye, we know that continuing time on your device is needed with business, quick communication and sustaining relationships when apart. It’s important for us to balance life & technology. This can be difficult but relationships & people matter most! We hope that we can encourage you to put your devices down, unwind, unplug, relax, reflect, get outdoors, and connect with your loved ones. Our motto is and always will be Take Life Outside!

In an age where we can have the whole world at our fingertips, we disengage from people and spend a lot of time on our devices. Screen time shifts our attention and we begin to forget what it feels like to take life outside and connect with our loved ones.

What is your favorite outdoor activity, place to visit locally or nearby trips and adventures that you and your family like to do together to unplug? We would love to hear how you have #unplugged, put #devicesdown and are #takinglifeoutside.

National Day of Unplugging

JOIN US AND UNPLUG! National Day of Unplugging is Friday, March 6-7 (Sundown to Sundown).

We recognize the irony of asking people to put devices down and share the National Day of Unplugging via social media – but we have to reach people where they are! However, you can bet that on March 6-7 from sundown to sundown, you won’t hear a peep from us. 

Join hundreds of groups, individuals, and brands and help us spread the word with #nationaldayofunplugging amongst your channels. We know you may not be able to unplug for 24 hours, but any little time unplugged with devices down is always a good time to relax, reflect, and get outdoors.

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