Hoka Shoes Are Coming to Eagle Eye in Dothan, AL

Hoka Shoes Are Coming to Eagle Eye in Dothan, AL

If you didn’t think our running selection could get any better, think again! Hoka is arriving at Eagle Eye Outfitters in February 2024!


The brand with the motto “Fly Human Fly” definitely lives up to it. Every pair of Hokas are designed with a curved meta rocker in the sole to propel you in a natural way and prevent you from landing flat, giving you a light and airy step that is always smooth- no matter the pace.


From the pro runners to the newbies, mountain hikers to neighborhood walkers, Hoka has the shoe that will make any activity kind to your body. Racers get more speed, hikers more comfort, and trail runners more confidence. No matter what surface you’re on, we guarantee you’ve never had a ride like this.


Hoka Clifton 9 Sneaker

With this launch, Eagle Eye Outfitters will continue to provide top-notch customer service with the best-trained staff in the industry ready to find the perfect Hoka shoes for you. Once you buy your Hoka shoes, we have an easy and convenient 60-day refund policy (Or, exchange in-store) for you to ensure that your purchase is exactly what you want. 


We cannot wait to bring Hoka to our Eagle Eye customers online and to our retail store customers located in and around Dothan, AL. So, stay tuned for giveaways, freebies, and events to celebrate this much-anticipated launch! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates, or subscribe to know when you can buy Hoka shoes at Eagle Eye Outfitters.