How to Clean Your Costa Sunglasses

How to Clean Your Costa Sunglasses

Your Costa sunglasses have more than likely seen it all and been through a lot with you. We get it, you want to keep them clean so you can use them for years to come. All Costas are made from premium materials that require some special care. Here’s everything you need to know about how to clean your Costa sunglasses:

  • Be mindful of where you keep your sunglasses– Extremely hot or cold environments, like your car, can warp your sunglasses.
  • You’ve got the case- use it! All Costa sunglasses come in a sturdy protective case that specifically ensures the durability of the case and protection of the sunglasses inside.
  • Rinse before you clean- Always rinse your sunglasses with water before you wipe or clean the lenses with a microfiber cloth.
  • Don’t fix it yourself- If your sunglasses have become misshapen, do not try to fix them yourself. Take them to an eyewear professional to have them assist you with any adjustments that need to be made.
  • Your go-to combo- The best bet for keeping your Costas in great condition is with the premium microfiber cleaning cloth, that comes with every purchase, and a lens cleaning solution. These can easily be stored in a protective case and kept away from extreme conditions. In other words, keep them with your glasses, not in your car.
  • Repairs you can do– If you tighten the hinge screws on your sunglasses refualrly and carefully, this will help maintain the frame.

With all of these practices your Costas will last for years to come!

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