How to Clean Your Yeti Rambler

How to Clean Your Yeti Rambler

Your Yeti Rambler most likely has seen a lot of things in its time with you, the good, the bad, and the real nasty. Making sure your Rambler is properly cleaned is a vital part of owning your Yeti and ensuring its durability. Here are answers to some of your most pressing questions on how to clean your Yeti Rambler.

Can I wash my Yeti Rambler in the dishwasher?

Yes! All Rambler products are dishwasher safe! However, to ensure that your Rambler is properly cleaned there are recommended places for your Yeti Rambler.

Rambler body: Standing upside down on the top or bottom rack (depending on wherever it fits best).

Lids/Bottle Caps: Top rack of the dishwasher away from the heat.

Gaskets: Silverware tray on the bottom rack.

Even though your Yeti Ramblers are dishwasher safe, only washing them in the dishwasher does not mean they are getting cleaned properly. You might be surprised to know that most people are drinking out of Yeti cups with mold in them. 

If you prefer to hand wash your Rambler, use dish soap and warm water or Yeti Cleaning Tablets. The Cleaning Tablets are not meant to be used on Rambler caps or lids. For a thorough cleaning, remove the gaskets and wash and dry separately from the bottle before reinstalling.

Should I clean my Rambler lid too?

Yes, it is suggested that you wash your lid regularly. To clean the lid thoroughly, first remove the rubber gasket and the lid to expose the grime or mold that can build up. Cleaning this area will help prevent health problems that can arise. The lids themselves are dishwasher safe, just be sure to pop off any extra accessories the lid may have such as the MagSlider.

In addition to these tips, Yeti has more specific instructions for the cleaning of different Rambler lids and straws.

Will washing damage my monogram or stickers?

There is no vinyl that is truly dishwasher safe. Although some adhesives can be waterproof, that does not mean they have the ability to last through the varying degrees of water pressure and temperatures that dishwashers have. If you concerned about your Yeti customization lasting, we recommend hand washing your bottle.

What do I do if there’s rust on my Rambler?

All of the Rambler bottles are made with stainless steel, however if you do find that rust spots develop on your bottle, simply use a stainless steel cleaner that can be found at a local grocery store.

How do I remove tea/coffee stains?

For tough stains you can use Yeti’s deep cleaning tablets. Use two tablets for any bottles or cups that are over 30 ounces. Drop the tablet in the Rambler with water and let it sit for five minutes. Make sure you do not shake the bottle. Afterwards, pur the solution out and rinse thoroughly. Run through the dishwasher before you use it again. 

Keep in mind that some cleaning products, especially ones designed to remove hard stains, have abrasive cleaners in them. These chemicals can cause the stainless steel to corrode more easily.

If you have really tough stains or residue and you want to use steel wool or a steel brush keep in mind it can cause damage to the cup or bottle. Fine steel wool can be good for stain removal but the coarser steel wools will scratch the stainless steel, especially the outside.

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