How to Support Your Local Eateries

How to Support Your Local Eateries

With the need of social distancing right now because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, local eateries are hurting. People are staying home and restaurants due to current health guidelines are having to work at 50% capacity. Some eateries have even closed down their inside dining. The current situation has many of us wondering how we can best help? Well there is good news! Check out our “How to Support Your Local Eateries” list below. Discover ways you can still grab your favorite eats while supporting your local eateries during the coronavirus crisis.

Order Carryout

Many local restaurants are still open and offering carryout options. You can order via phone or online from the comforts of your home and swing by to pick up your delicious local food. Several eateries are now providing curbside pickup as well. Here a few of our local favorites that are offering carryout.

Order Delivery

In addition to carryout if you want to order from home and stay at home, many local eateries are offering delivery straight to your door. Be sure to tip your delivery person as they are helping you by bringing your meal right to you. See below for a list of local restaurants that deliver.

Forget the Cash

Cash carries a lot of germs most people do not even realize. Save yourself and our local eatery workers any potential exposure by using your credit or debit card when purchasing your food. Less interaction between us all. Please be sure to still wash your hands after using any keypad for your purchase.

Buy Gift Cards

Gift cards are an excellent way to support local businesses during the current COVID-19 outbreak. If offers a way to still support your local eatery and you can enjoy their food now or later when their dining room is fully open.

Take Advantage of Special Food Deals

Many local restaurants are offering special meal deals during this trying time. Check out some of our own local Wiregrass restaurant deals.

  • Old Mill – 334-794-8530
    • Gulf shrimp, chicken tenderloins, or flounder filet with slaw. Served with French fries or baked potato and tea.
  • Ray’s Restaurant – “Anti-Corona” Lunch Specials – 334-794-4625
    • Basket ($6.42) – 1 meat, 1 side, and drink
    • Country Lunch ($9.17) – 1 meat, 2 sides, bread, dessert, and drink
  • Jimmy John’s – 334-792-2577
    • For Kids: ½ sub and bag of chips for a $1
  • Diablos’ Southwest Grill – 334-305-0280
    • Family Taco Bar ($24.95) – Chicken or ground beef, 12 tortillas, cheese, lettuce, diced tomatoes, sour cream, chips, salsa, and queso for 4 people
  • Blue Plate – Offering delivery on Family Meals and Curbside Pickup – 334-673-2583
    • Meal for 2 people – $20 + tax
    • Meal for 4 people – $40 + tax

It is a trying time. Businesses are hurting. People are isolated. And many workers could potentially lose their jobs. Let’s all do our part to ensure we support our community as much as possible. Eagle Eye Outfitters is proud to be a part of this community and we hope that through this “How to Support Your Local Eateries” guide, we can move through this pandemic together helping others along the way.