IndieOutdoor Certified

IndieOutdoor Certified

IndieOutdoor is an inclusive, non-profit national trade association initiated by Grassroots Outdoor Alliance (GOA). IndieOutdoor gives brick-and-mortar retailers, like Eagle Eye, control over their data and propels indie-retail success! Their vision is to guide outdoor enthusiasts to their local independent retailers for the ideal customer experience.

Eagle Eye Outfitters is excited to be a new member of IndieOutdoor!

IndieOutdoor’s Mission:

  • Serve independent outdoor retailers and spotlight their consumer experience. 
  • Provide indie retailers and their partners with data insights and marketing tools that have only been available to national chains.
  • Advocate for localism and advance indie outdoor retailer success.

“IndieOutdoor was built to bring together the national independent retail community,” said Rich Hill, president of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance and co-founder of IndieOutdoor. “Through better data, broader marketing, and a cohesive national presence, IndieOutdoor will be a true difference-maker in the ongoing competition with distinctly un-local Big Box retailers.”

IndieOutdoor’s goal is to tell the complete story about independent specialty outdoor retail’s positive economic and community benefits. With more data, more locations, and more voices coming together from the indie community, IndieOutdoor is “building a bigger boat” to make us all stronger.

Learn More about Grassroots Outdoor Alliance & GOA.