Made In The USA: Brands We Carry

Made In The USA: Brands We Carry

As the years go by, it appears that products made in the USA are a rarity. Brands who manufacture products in America do so to ensure quality products, to create trustworthiness among consumers, and to uphold their responsibility in promoting environmental sustainability. In recognition of this Independence Day, let’s recognize and support brands made in the USA.


As the first outdoor company to make performance Merino wool ski socks, Smartwool products offer comfort and endurance. A menswear and womenswear brand, Smartwool offers an array of styles and patterns to meet the needs of customers. Not only are the products made in America, but the company practices sustainability through partnering with other mindful organizations, discovering new opportunities to improve its supply chain, and using recycled wool fiber in products to reduce the environmental impact without losing the performance benefits of wool.


Another brand that produces socks in the USA is Thorlos. Thorlos ensures that all padded socks are produced exclusively in North Carolina. Thorlo socks come in many styles and are designed to meet any potential need, such as durability for running, cooling technology for comfort, and light wear that protects the feet from blisters. Thorlo’s mission to ensure sustainability and be the best in the world at foot protection reinforces its dedication to serving consumers well.


A global leader in women’s apparel manufacturing and wholesale distribution, NIKIBIKI designs its products to add innovation to everyday wear. This brand prides its production in the USA because it provides seamless production and ensures a guaranteed method of overseeing the manufacturing process. From regular sizes to plus sizes, these quality basics are manufactured in Los Angeles, California.  


American Fishing Tackle Company (AFTCO) is the inventor of the roller guide and introducer of the world’s first pair of true fishing shorts. Serving its customers for 62 years, AFTCO remains dedicated to producing many of its saltwater fishing tackle products in the USA. AFTCO combines innovative technology with conservation leadership to go above and beyond performance. Not only are these products made in America, but 10% of each purchase goes directly to conservation initiatives under the 10% Pledge to Protect and Conserve.


The Lazy Sundays collection by Paper Crane is a Women’s Fashion line that is 100% made in the USA. The Lazy Sundays designs offer a free-spirited look with unique details to make each piece its own. Its comfortable fabric makes you feel relaxed and at home anywhere you go. Lazy Sundays by Paper Crane offers you the opportunity to purchase an American-made product that is not only cute, but comfy!


B.B. Lila jewelry started with two college best friends who traveled the world together and discovered a mutual passion for fashion jewelry. Fun fact: The brand name is a combination of their names! The duo created designs of simple, yet boho pieces and based their production team out of Fort Worth, Texas, keeping all products made in the USA. 


Sourcing materials from states like Mississippi, Texas, and Tennessee, Over Under Clothing is committed to upholding American tradition. The brand produces over 95% of its products in the USA and is working to meet its goal of being 100% American-made. From pullovers, to t-shirts, to flannels, to leather goods, Over Under is dedicated to creating high-quality products and giving back to the American farmer, rancher, and manufacturer.


In 1932, Charles Danner crafted the first Danner boot and went into business, disregarding the nation’s current economic state. The brand found success and has grown into the large shoe manufacturer that it is today. Its collection of American-made boots is met with the Berry Compliant certification, signaling that every component of this product is sourced from the United states. This specific line of boots is created in Portland, Oregon with durable materials to ensure uncompromising quality.


Founded in 1987, Benchmade Knife Company has remained dedicated to providing excellent quality and customer service. Utilizing high-tech tools, like a high-power laser cutter and low-tolerance CNC machinery, Benchmade continues to be an industry leader. Each knife is manufactured at a facility in Oregon City, Oregon. It’s impressive quality of products speaks highly of its manufacturing in the USA!


Darn Tough produces its socks in the Sock Capital of the World—Northfield, Vermont! Its All-Weather Performance Socks are great for an array of outdoor activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, and running. Darn Tough sources its Merino Wool from America and around the globe while manufacturing products in Vermont. 

Making products in the USA adds a special sentimentality to each purchase. It creates a “close to home” sensation that makes one proud to own each American-made item. If you appreciate American-made products, we have got you covered! Happy Fourth of July!

Eagle Eye Outfitters is a small family run retail business that specializes in outdoor and lifestyle clothing and apparel. We are proud to carry a variety of brands that are Made in the USA.

While we do our best to highlight all of our “Made in the USA” brand products, we are not perfect nor are we the FTC. We do not regulate/verify the claims any brand makes when it comes to the “Made in the USA” product designation. All product descriptions come directly from each brands website. This includes, but not limited to: Made in USA, Made in America, Manufactured in the USA, American-Made, Fabric made in the USA, Made in the USA with imported material, 100% USA Cotton, & Assembled in the USA. We suggest researching and speaking to Brands individually if you have a questions about their product designations. If you’d like us to check any specific products tags prior to purchasing please reach out to us via Direct Message.