Maxi Dress versus Midi Dress

Maxi Dress versus Midi Dress

At one time or another, you have probably asked yourself, “Should I wear a midi dress or a maxi dress?” Many of you are saying to yourself right now, “What even is a midi or maxi dress?” Have no fear, the difference between the two will soon be very clear! It’s important to know the difference between the two types of dresses in order for you to be ready for any occasion. 


Midi dresses often have a range of lengths. The name “midi” actually comes from the fact that these dresses are “mid-calf” length. Technically speaking, the midi dress length is defined as a falling below the knee or right above the ankle. The midi is often confused with a maxi dress because the midi length does extend to right above the ankles.


Maxi dresses are dresses that extend past your ankle. It is often confused with floor length dresses. However, floor length dresses tend to be more for formal dresses. Therefore, a maxi dress can range from light and airy attire to cocktail attire.


When styling your wardrobe it helps to know what styles look best on you and what you are the most confident in. If you are tall, dresses that fall right below the knee are the perfect midi for you. With your height you can rock a shorter midi dress whilst still showing off your figure. If you are short, a longer midi can define your shape and you may prefer a midi over a maxi because a maxi may need alterations depending on length. The maxi can be a casual dress or have similar material to a cocktail dress. The maxi is made for anyone but may require alterations in length depending on your height.

Now you can confidently shop since you know the difference between a midi and a maxi!

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