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National Peanut Festival Tickets Sold at Eagle Eye Outfitters

National Peanut Festival Tickets Sold at Eagle Eye Outfitters

Advance Ticket sales for the National Peanut Festival (NPF) begin each year in September. You can purchase advance tickets for MEGA passes (aka ride armbands) and Gate Admission Tickets at Eagle Eye Outfitters (EEO), 3535 Ross Clark Circle, Dothan, AL. 

EEO is the official ticket sponsor for the National Peanut Festival Fair. On the back of each gate admission ticket, you will find a discount you can bring back to use in-store or online. 

You can only purchase advance tickets from September 1 through the day before the Peanut Festival begins. We are the only location authorized to sell tickets in advance. Ticket sales end the Thursday before the start of the Fair. Once the Fair has opened, Eagle Eye can no longer sell advance tickets. You may also purchase advance tickets through the NPF website. However, a convenience fee is added to your order, so we suggest you visit us in-store. Guests can only purchase advance Tickets during store hours.

What is a MEGA Pass?

A MEGA Pass includes one-day gate admission ($10 value) and one ride armband ticket (a $25-40 value). A ride armband is your all-access pass for as much fun as your tummy can handle! It allows you to ride unlimited rides on that day. You may only buy a MEGA Pass in advance. Once the NPF has begun, MEGA Pass sales will end. 

For every MEGAPass sold September 12 - November 3, $1 will be donated to Wired Ministries. 

MEGA Pass Pricing:

  • Sept 1-10 (Flash Sale) = $25 (at Eagle Eye)
  • Sept 12 - Nov 3 = $30 (at Eagle Eye)
  • Nov 4 - Nov 13 = $10 gate + $25-$40 ride (at NPF Gate)

What is a Gate Admission Ticket?

A Gate Admission Ticket ticket includes one-day access to the Fairgrounds, including the Kiddiland, Midway, Vendors, and Concerts. You may purchase Gate Admission tickets after the Fair begins, but prices will increase, and you will only be able to buy them online through the NPF website or in person at the gate. 

Gate Admission Ticket Pricing:

  • Sept 12 - Nov 3 = $7 (at Eagle Eye)
  • Nov 4 - Nov 12 = $10 (at NPF Gate)

Not sure if you want to purchase advance tickets? Here are the prices for ride armbands and gate admission tickets during the fair. You can save up to $25 by purchasing your NPF MEGA Pass tickets in advance. 

2022 Gate Admission & Armband Pricing:

Friday, Nov 4$10$30
Saturday, Nov 5$10$35 (From 10 AM - 11:59 PM) and $40 (From Noon - Close)
Sunday, Nov 6$8$30
Monday, Nov 7$10$25
Tuesday, Nov 8$10$25
Wednesday, Nov 9*$5 - $10*$20 - $25*
Thursday, Nov 10$10$25
Friday, Nov 11$10$30
Saturday, Nov 12$10$35 (From 10 AM - 11:59 PM) and $40 (From Noon - Close)
Sunday, Nov 13FREE$30

**Nov 9 - Bring 3 cans of food or 1 Jar of Peanut Butter and receive a coupon for $5 admission and $20 armband