Sharing Community Love: #LoveDothan Campaign

Sharing Community Love: #LoveDothan Campaign

Here at Eagle Eye Outfitters, one of the things that makes us who we are – aside from our wonderful customers and staff – is the Dothan community as a whole. Dothan has been home to Eagle Eye for the past 20+ years, and we are so grateful to be able to contribute to this amazing community by participating in the #LoveDothan campaign.

Developed by the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce, #LoveDothan encourages all of us to embrace our community by showcasing why we love Dothan and how we’re getting involved to improve our city.

“#LoveDothan is about enhancing the quality of life and place to create a community that can compete in the future economy – the economy based on creativity, information, innovation, knowledge, and technology”

Dothan City Manager Kevin Cowper

The intention behind the #LoveDothan campaign is that if we love our city and give it our best, the city will give back to us in the future. This isn’t a government program – it’s a community program designed to bring our city together to:

  • Love our schools – prepare for the future education and workforce development needs of Dothan
  • Love our work – prepare for the future of economic development
  • Love our city employees – build a transparent, high-performing customer service-focused city organization
  • Love our neighborhoods – improve the condition and appearance of mature/declining neighborhoods
  • Love our neighbors – improve neighborhood relations and communication
  • Love our local businesses – revitalize older commercial corridors
  • Love our downtown – enhance Downtown Dothan as the center of the community
  • Love our orange barrels – improve growth management and enhance the function and appearance of existing infrastructure and major transportation routes.

Video by WDHN

We encourage you to share why YOU love Dothan. What’s your favorite part of living here? What are your favorite local businesses? And what are you doing to get more involved in our amazing community? Use the hashtag #LoveDothan on your social media channels to share your Dothan pride with your friends and family, and encourage them to participate as well!

Featured Photo Credit: JAY HARE of THE DOTHAN EAGLE