Supply Chain Shortages and Christmas

Supply Chain Shortages and Christmas

Have you heard about the shipping container crisis? Holiday shipping is upon us, and we suggest shopping earlier than ever if you want your gift to arrive in time for Christmas.

The Covid pandemic has worsened fractures already starting to show in the U.S. logistics industry. These fractures have reached all levels and types of business. Port workers, truck drivers, warehouse workers, mail carriers, and more supply chain workers are taking on grueling extra hours to try and combat this crisis.

Many small businesses across the U.S. are without supplies, which will result in a critical loss this Holiday season, their most crucial time of the year. And now, more than ever, it is still important to shop for small businesses. Luckily, at Eagle Eye, we have secured products for our customers from over 150 brands. We have great gifts for her and him. We also have a large selection of outerwear for the entire family.

Again, we highly suggest shopping as early as possible. We do not have the golden ticket to fixing the U.S. logistics crisis, and it will likely continue for a few more years; however, we will do our best to get you the gifts you desire this Holiday. Thank you for being patient and kind to our staff as they do all within their power to put a smile on your face during this busy time of year.