What are Hey Dudes Shoes?

What are Hey Dudes Shoes?

Hey Dudes are shoes that offer casual style and lightweight comfort for any season. With their growing popularity you may have some questions about Hey Dudes. We have compiled our top FAQs for what are Hey Dude shoes below!

Hey Dude Shoes

What are Hey Dudes?

Hey Dudes were originally created in Italy in 2008. Their Wally style was the original design. They have quickly become popular internationally. Hey Dudes are the epitome of lightweight comfort and casual style. The shoes are made to form to your feet and move with your feet. Their insoles are made of memory foam and the soles are made of EVA which give bounce and flexibility to movement.

Where are they sold?

Hey Dudes are sold here at Eagle Eye Outfitters in Dothan, AL and online at! There are styles for the whole family- men, women, and kids. You can browse all the styles available now here. The average range for adult styles if $55-$60 and youth styles average around $45. And free shipping on orders of $100 or more.

How to Clean Hey Dude shoes?

Hey Dudes are machine washable!

Before putting your shoes in to wash, brush them off with a brush with soft bristles to remove excess dirt. Make sure the washing machine is set for cold water and either the gentle or hand wash cycle. Use a mild/gentle detergent. When the machine is 3/4 full, add in the Hey Dudes. Remember to take out the insoles before washing your shoes!

When drying your Hey Dudes, we recommend opting for the air dry route out of direct sunlight. This will help dry your shoes while also killing any bacteria that may be in them. Adding a dryer sheet also isn’t a bad idea to help remove any lingering odors.

If you are not keen on the idea of machine washing your shoes, you can opt to hand wash them. The process is simple. Again brush off the shoes before washing. Combine cold water and dish soap to scrub your Hey Dudes with. Continue scrubbing until you are satisfied with how clean they are. Rinse in cold water, and leave them to air dry.

For deodorizing the inside of your Hey Dudes, place some baking soda in a piece of cloth, tie it up, and place in the shoes. Note that you should never put baking soda on any part of your Hey Dudes because it could potentially damage them.

You can find more information on how to clean your Hey Dudes here.

How to tighten them:

Hey Dudes’ signature design looks a lot different than your traditional shoe. This is mirrored in their laces as well. The elastic, bungee cord style lace is made to move with your foot while still keeping the shoe secure. You want to be able to easily slip your Hey Dudes on and off. To adjust the lace tighter or looser simply adjust the stopper that holds the lace in place. This stopper helps to keep the lace from slipping while you walk.

Are Hey Dudes waterproof?

Due to their canvas material, Hey Dudes are not waterproof. However their lightweight fabric does dry easily. Thanks to their EVA soles, Hey Dudes do have the ability to float on water!

How much do they weigh?

The starting weight of Hey Dudes are 5 ounces!!! That is the same weight as a couple pairs of socks!

Are they made in the USA?

Currently, all Hey Dudes are manufactured in China and Indonesia.

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