What is MAP Pricing?

What is MAP Pricing?

MAP pricing, or MAP,  stands for “Minimum Advertised Price.” MAP policies are legal agreements between a Brand and a Retailer. Brands that supply their products to dealers or retailers, like Eagle Eye Outfitters, benefit from implementing a MAP policy that promotes price consistency. These brands create MAP policies to outline the minimum price dealers, or retailers can advertise their products. They often set minimum advertised prices and advertising restrictions at a level that will allow dealers or retailers to make a profit and ensure an even playing field amongst dealers or retailers that carry their brand. 

In addition to setting prices, Retail MAP policies can include rules like:

  • No advertised discounts such as coupons
  • No free accessories resulting in an effective advertised price less than the MAP 
  • Cannot resell to any 3rd party that is not the final consumer
  • Cannot sell internationally 
  • Cannot sell on 3rd party sites (like Amazon, Walmart, Etc.)

Shipping and non-product-related FGWP (Free Gifts with Purchase) are typically set individually by dealers or retailers. 

What Happens When the Retailer Violates the MAP Policy?

If a dealer or retailer breaks the MAP Policy, brands have the legal right to withdraw their products from the dealers or retailers and restrict future sales!

We hope this behind-the-scenes look at what is MAP Pricing, is helpful to you the consumer. Understanding what a MAP policy means and how they affect you as an end consumer, can help you understand what discounts you may or may not be able to get online and in-store. 

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