What Makes Birkenstock’s So Popular?

What Makes Birkenstock’s So Popular?

We have all seen them. Most people have worn them. The sandals have been around for years. What makes Birkenstock’s so popular?


Before we go into why this well-known leather sandal is so popular, let us look at how this Germany company got started. The Birkenstock company history goes all the way back to 1774 with shoemaker Johann Adam Birkenstock. His passion for shoe making was passed down from generation to generation. Johann’s great great grandson, Konrad Birkenstock, started the company when he wanted to sell flexible shoe inserts and began manufacturing and selling them in 1896. He went on to develop the first contoured arch support. Both inventions are still used in today’s Birkenstock footwear.

Johann Adam Birkenstock

In 1932, Carl Birkenstock began Birkenstock training courses that were quickly endorsed by podiatrists and leading physicians. This stamp of approval has empowered the company to continue to manufacture and sell top selling sandals and footwear for over 50 years.


What makes this unique Birkenstock footbed so special?  The footbed that Konrad Birkenstock invented is based on the cast of a foot in sand. His goal was to make the foot feel as comfortable as possible over the course of many hours. The Birkenstock footbed supports every unique foot’s anatomy. Over time, use, and wear, the footbed compacts to create a mold specific to each owner’s foot. Providing this perfect fit and orthopedic print results in relief for feet, knees, hips and backs.

Birkenstock Original Footbed

The soft leather used is breathable and their cushioned cork is super absorbent even when worn all day. Birkenstock sandals are also created in both narrow and normal widths and have adjustable straps offering an even more personalized fit. For more sensitive feet, Birkenstock also offers styles with an even softer footbed. These special blue stamped soles are padded with a foamed insert made of natural rubber.

According to Podiatrists, Birkenstocks are some of the best sandals for your feet.


Another aspect that make Birkenstocks so popular is how durable they are. Honestly, how long have you owned your pair of Birkenstock sandals? They use tear-proof materials and after years of wearing them all you need to do is replace the sole, enabling you to keep your already personalized molded footbed. Each sandal is constructed using high quality materials, so they are made to last.


The Birkenstock company is a leader in industry sustainability setting new standards for environmental awareness. In 1988 they started producing environmentally friendly water-based adhesives and went on in 1990 to modernize their production to reduce their energy consumption by over 90%.

Most of the natural materials they use are from sustainable sources such as cork, natural latex, jute, leather, wool felt, copper and brass. Birkenstock also now offers vegan footwear. These special animal free products are made with their proprietary synthetic Birko-Flor and natural products.

It is easy to discover why Birkenstock sandals are so popular. We would love to hear from you why you love your Birkenstocks! Feel free to share below and share a picture of where you have traveled wearing these iconic sandals.

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