Why Are Patagonia Baggies So Popular?

Why Are Patagonia Baggies So Popular?

In this summer season, it’s important to find clothing that meets your needs while adding comfort and style. Whether you’re going on a hike, travelling long hours for vacation, or performing daily activities, the Patagonia Baggies shorts are the perfect go-to short. The following are the top five reasons why Patagonia Baggies are so popular:

1. Patagonia Baggies are Lightweight

This short was made for comfort. Its design makes for a flattering fit, and its drawstring feature ensures the perfect fit in the waistline. Whether you’re hiking on the side of a mountain, swimming in a lake, or out for a walk around your neighborhood, these shorts provide the maximum comfort that you desire. The Patagonia Baggies 5” and 7” exude comfort and style with these features. 

2. Patagonia Baggies are 100% Recycled Nylon

Using 100% recycled nylon in its shorts, Patagonia is taking the step to be environmentally responsible with its production and community involvement. The company is a strong supporter of many activist groups, particularly those who are taking action in protecting the planet. Purchasing a pair of Patagonia Baggies is a personal aid in furthering the effort of ensuring environmental sustainability. 

3. Patagonia Baggies are Multi-functional 

Patagonia Baggies were made for use inside and outside of the water. It is water repellent, which is perfect for many outdoor activities. It also has pockets that are deep enough for multiple items, increasing functionality. These shorts can be worn as an everyday outfit, an addition to your swimsuit when at the beach or lake, and a workout piece when hitting up the gym.

4. Patagonia Baggies 5 or 7

Pick your size! Along with functionality, the Patagonia Baggies come in various lengths. The Patagonia Baggies 5” shorts are great for an basic length, and those who prefer a longer short would benefit from the Patagonia Baggies 7”.

5. Pick Your Baggies Style

Why not add a little fun to it as well? The Patagonia Baggies come in an array of colors and patterns for everyone in the family. With styles for men, women, boys, and girls there are tons of options to find the perfect style Patagonia short you need.

Considering the above statements, Baggies shorts can do it all. Whether its comfort that you’re looking for in a product, corporate social responsibility in a brand, the right length, style, or multipurpose use, these active/water shorts meet it all. It is no wonder why the Patagonia Baggies are so popular.

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