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Shop for all of your Bogg Bag accessories at Eagle Eye Outfitters online or in store at our Dothan, AL small department store location. Bogg Bag accessories help you style your Bogg Bag Tote to fit your needs. Whether you want to show off your unique style by decorating it with Bogg Bits or a Decorative Insert. Or, if you need to add a Brrr Cooler Insert to help carry out those essentials you need to keep cool while out and about. As an official Bogg Bag retailer, Eagle Eye is your one stop shop for all of your Bogg Bag needs.

Accessorize Your Bogg Bag

Turquoise Bogg Bag at the edge of a pool with a Margarita Bogg Bit on the bag and a drink inside a pink Bogg Boozie in front of the bag.

Make your Bogg Bag unique to your own personal style by adding a variety of Bogg Bag accessories. The Decorative Inserts and Bogg Bits can easily be hung wherever you want on your tote to decorate it and make it your own. For additional storage of personal items, the Beauty Bogg is the perfect addition. The Bogg Boozie is available in a 12 oz size and a slim can size. Another addition to your bag to hold your drink while on the go or at the beach.

Bogg Bag Brrr Cooler Inserts

Woman holding a can with a pink Bogg Boozie and walking holding a Margarita Brrr Half Cooler insert. Large Turquoise Bogg Bag and beach towel sitting behind her.

Bogg Brrr Cooler Inserts are the perfect addition to keep things cool while on the go. Each Cooler Insert Bag comes with a removeable strap so you can easily take it in and out of your Bogg Bag as needed. The Baby Bogg Brrr Cooler Insert fits inside the entire Small Bogg Bag and the Large Bogg Bag has two cooler insert options. The Original Bogg Brrr Cooler Inserts fit inside the entire Large Bogg Bag while the Brrr and a  Half Cooler Insert fit inside just half of the Large Bogg Tote leaving the other half available to store other items. All Cooler Inserts are available in white and navy. The Brrr and a Half Cooler Insert is also available in a variety of pattern options.

Baby Bogg Brrr Cooler Inserts

Large Bogg Brrr Cooler Inserts

From Our Customers

“I recently purchased a bag from this site and was super pleased. Shipped fast, and I was able to get my hands on a color I couldn't find locally!!”

Missy in Kentucky

“Can we say. . .fatest shipping ever!!!! Thank you!”

Rhonda in Ohio

“Absolutely the best shopping experiences that I've ever had. I purchased a Bogg Bag, received it in two days, then bough another one and received it in three day (because of a holiday). It was a pleasure doing business with them!”

Pat in Tennesee

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