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Running is Brooks' passion. And like Eagle Eye Outfitters, Brooks finds that taking life outside brings people closer together better than any team-building exercise could. With their global headquarters located in Seattle, WA, runners all over the world love Brooks running shoes. We are excited to offer Brooks running shoes to our fellow outdoor enthusiasts online and in-store in Dothan, Alabama.

In 1914, Brooks started inside a small factory in Philadelphia crafting ballet slippers and bathing shoes. In 1921, they continued working towards making specialized activity shoes for different purposes and began making baseball cleats worn by the great Mickey Mantle.

From 1929 to 1940, Brooks helped innovate technology for roller skates, football cleats, children's shoes, and softball cleats. Brooks was patenting brilliant ideas still used today and made their mark in footwear history.

Something changed with the 1972 Olympics shining a light on running that would captivate the world's attention and Brooks. Brooks committed to focusing on a new running shoe that would put them in the big leagues of brand names of the time.

Throughout history, Brooks swung for the fences by adapting to anything the industry threw at them. By committing singularly to the running shoe industry in 2001, today, Brooks carries some of the top modern running shoes that we are excited to carry at Eagle Eye Outfitters.

Road & Gym Shoes. Woman running on a paved path wearing blue Brooks Running shoes, blue tights and white active top.
Man leaping on a mountain trail wearing Brooks shoes, shorts and long sleeve performance top.
Lightweight &
Springy for Speed

DNA AMP v2 foam packed into the midsole makes this technology the most responsive ever. For added comfort it's 10% lighter than before and absorbs the imapact of the foot strike while returning it upward for more energy to the runner than any shoe from leading competitors.

Back of white Brooks shoe with Levitate and lightening spring icon.
Side of grey Brooks shoe with Ghost on the sole and a cloud icon.
Soft Support to
Cushion Every Step

Brooks cushioning technologies all start with 100% DNA LOFT in the midsole for a soft and smooth ride. This creates underfoot comfort that is super soft but never too squishy and reacts to your unique stride.


There's nothing better than a smooth run. No matter how your foot strikes the ground, Brooks has plenty of super soft cushioning in the middle of the shoe to ensure comfort when running heel to toe. You shouldn't even notice transitions so you can focus on finding your flow.

Bottom sole of a Brooks shoe with two arrows interlocking and pointing in opposite directions icon.
Graphic drawing on the inside of a Brook shoe and an icon with a bowling ball between two guide rails.

You may or may not know that arch support isn't the only thing you need for comfort on a run. Like bowling with the bumpers up, Brooks GuideRails technology keeps excess movement in check. This smart support technology aids your feet, knees and hips so you stay in your natural stride, even when you get tired. Your foot is the ball, GuideRails is there when you need them; out of your way when you don't.

to Sustainability

Brooks is committed to a long-term, science-based approach to sustainability. Each product has a percentage of post- or pre-consumer sourced recycled raw materials, such as plastic bottles. Brooks products allow us to run responsibly while they focus on the importance of their impact they have on people and the planet.

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