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Change For Good 

Join us in creating change. 

At Eagle Eye Outfitters, we believe that people matter most. The Change for Good program is an initiative designed to make a tangible difference in the lives of those within the Wiregrass area. However, it is more than just a program; it's a movement fueled by the generosity and compassion of the residents of the Wiregrass.

Mustard seeds are tiny and seemingly insignificant on their own, much like pocket change. However, when sown and nurtured they become something so much more. With each contribution to Change for Good, when pooled together, there becomes an opportunity to make a significant impact. Together, we can foster a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and make a lasting difference. 


What is Change for Good? 

Simply put, when you make a purchase in-store at Eagle Eye Outfitters, you will be given the option to round up your purchase total to the nearest dollar. Every cent you contribute will go directly to supporting 6 local nonprofits who work tirelessly to uplift our community. 


After the first 18 months of the program, Eagle Eye Outfitters will match every cent contributed to Change for Good, and each of the 6 organizations will receive an equal contribution of the funds raised. The following year, a new round of organizations will be chosen. Applications for the next round will be released on September 1, 2025, and are due by September 31, 2025.  


Making a Local Impact 

Eagle Eye Outfitters is committed to supporting the vibrancy and resiliency of the Wiregrass area. That's why we've carefully selected exceptional local nonprofits to benefit from the Change for Good program. These organizations are at the forefront of addressing hunger, homelessness, education, mental health, substance abuse, and many other critical issues. By participating in Change for Good, you're not just donating; you're investing in the well-being and future of our community. 

  • Dare to Hope 
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes 
  • Love in Action 
  • The Ark 
  • Wired Ministries 
  • Wiregrass Hope Group 

Transparency and Accountability 

We understand the importance of transparency and accountability in charitable endeavors. That's why we pledge to provide a yearly report on the progress of the Change for Good program. This will include the total funds raised and Eagle Eye Outfitters’ contribution. We want you to feel confident that your contributions are making a meaningful difference where it matters most. 


Change for Good Applications 

Eagle Eye Outfitters is dedicated to supporting organizations that are actively working to create positive change in the Wiregrass area.  

If your organization shares our commitment to serving the people of the Wiregrass, we invite you to apply for the next round of funding through our Change for Good program.  

Examples of Areas of Interest: 

  • Hunger 
  • Homelessness 
  • Education 
  • Mental health 
  • Substance abuse 
  • Youth empowerment 
  • Environmental conservation and sustainability 
  • Animal welfare and protection 
  • Human trafficking awareness and prevention 


1. Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 
  • Mission must align with the goal of creating positive change in the Wiregrass area. 
  • Must demonstrate a track record of effectively serving the underprivileged, at-risk, or underserved populations and areas within our community. 


2. Application Steps:

Organization Info 

  • Provide a proposal outlining how the funds from the Change for Good program will be utilized to further your organization's mission and impact in the Wiregrass area.
  • Clearly articulate the specific initiatives or special projects that the funds will support. 
  • Include an explanation of how these initiatives will directly impact the community.

Impact Measurement

  • Describe how your organization measures the impact of its programs and services. 
  • Provide examples of past successes or outcomes achieved through your work. 
  • Explain how you will measure the impact of the funds received through the Change for Good program. 

Financial Transparency 

  • Submit the most recent audited financial statements to demonstrate fiscal responsibility and transparency. 


Application Deadlines and Process: 

  • Applications Released for 2026 on September 1, 2025.
  • Applications Close for 2026 on September 31, 2025.
  • New Change for Good partners will be notified by Nov. 1, 2025.
  • Change for Good Partner Checks Presentation Jan. 2-5, 2026, with public report.
  • Change for Good Partners 2026 will be announced January 10, 2026.

Selected nonprofits will be notified first and later announced publicly. At Eagle Eye Outfitters, we are committed to empowering organizations that share our vision for a stronger, more equitable Wiregrass community. We look forward to receiving your application and partnering with you to create lasting change for good.