Lost Package Claim Center

We are sorry to hear there is an issue with your package. Our lost package claim center will help guide you in what to do if you feel your package is lost.

Our goal at Eagle Eye Outfitters is to process all orders promptly. Once a package leaves our facilities, the handling, transit speed, and accuracy of delivery are out of our control. However, as a service to our customers, if a package is believed to be lost or not delivered, we are happy to help walk you through the Claims Process with the shipping provider. The claims process for UPS and USPS are different and each carrier requires various information needed to file a claim. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this issue together!

First Steps:

1. Have you double checked the address that was entered on the order to make sure it is the correct address?

2. Have you double checked camera footage or checked with neighbors to see if they accidentally received your package?

3. Have you waited at least one day from when the shipment was marked as delivered? (Sometimes the package arrives one day after it is marked as delivered.)

 Next Step:

 If you have answered “YES” to all the questions above, please follow the instructions below per the shipping carrier that was used to deliver your package.


Please Note:

  • If you wait more than 30 days to notify us of a lost package, we will not be able to file a lost package claim at that time.
  • Filing a claim does not guarantee a replacement of the product or a product refund. If you believe a package to be stolen, we recommend filing a police report.
  • Eagle Eye Outfitters cannot be held responsible if your order does not arrive due to factors outside our control, such as autofill errors, supplying the wrong shipping address at checkout, or shipping carrier errors.

UPS Claims

  • After you noticed the package was not delivered, please contact our Customer Service Support Team to file a claim. 
  • This process normally takes about a week to get a resolution however, we have seen it take up to a month and a half for a full resolution.
  • Once the claim has been filed, we will contact you when we have an update on the status of the claim.
  • UPS states it can take up to 8 business days for a response.
  • Continue below to file your claim.

USPS Claims

  • It's common for USPS to scan a package as delivered before it is physically delivered. We recommend waiting 24 hours for the package to show up.
  • Here's a tip: print out the tracking information, write a note to your USPS driver and place it in your mailbox. Let USPS know that you haven't received the package.
  • We also recommend calling your local post office to attempt a resolution.
  • For USPS we ship Priority Mail which requires us to wait 15 days AFTER the package was originally shipped for a claim to be filed.
  • Contact our Customer Service Support Team as soon as possible. We will file a claim for you on the 15th day, or the following business day.
  • You can expect to wait 3-15+ days for the first USPS claims response. We will contact you as soon as we have an update.
  • Continue below to file your claim.

File a Claim

If the Claim is Denied:

If the claim is denied, we will let you know immediately and can dispute the resolution with the carrier. Unfortunately if the claim is denied once more, there is nothing more we can do.

If a claim is denied, we are not be able to provide a refund. Once a package leaves our facility, it is the responsibility of the carrier to do their part in correctly delivering the package. We cannot be held financially liable for things that are out of our control such as lost, stolen or undelivered packages.

We are genuinely sorry this has happened to you and understand the frustration this can cause. We do our best to help our customers by filing a claim with the shipping carrier and unfortunately claims do not always resolve with proof of loss or a refund.

If the Claim is Approved:

Once the claim is approved for USPS or UPS, the carrier will email us the approval. We will contact you as soon as possible to reship your order (if the items are still in stock) or refund your order in full.

Agree to the above policies

What We Need

When starting the claim process with an Eagle Eye Outfitters Support Team member, please provide as much information for the situation as possible. The more specific details and proof we can provide the shipping carrier, the greater chance we have of the claim being approved. For example: camera footage from you or a front facing neighbor that show no delivery; information on if anyone was home at the time of delivery, or what time you checked for the package after it was marked delivered.

To start the claim process, you must agree to the below statement:

Contact Us to File Your Claim