Eagle Eye Outfitters: a Bogg Bag Retailer

Eagle Eye Outfitters: a Bogg Bag Retailer

Eagle Eye Outfitters is proud to be a Bogg Bag retailer and one of their largest partners globally, with over 30 Bogg Bag colors in stock! Don’t believe us? Check for yourself and find us on Bogg Bag’s official “store locator” by searching 36301.

We are frequently asked, “Are these ‘REAL’ Bogg Bags?” and the answer is YES! Every single Bogg Bag we have in stock comes directly from Bogg Bag’s factories and is the “ORIGINAL” Bogg Bag that has been around since 2008! Therefore, you can count on us to provide customers with 100% authentic Bogg Bags when you purchase from us!

There are dozens of knock-off Bogg Bag designs, that claim to be the “Original” or just as good as the “Original,” but that is not the case! Too many people are wasting their money pursuing knock-offs because they have a hard time finding a consistent source for the “Original” Bogg Bag! There are dozens of websites claiming to be Bogg Bag or carrying Bogg Bags when in reality they DON’T! Every day we interact with customers from all over the United States scammed by fake sites claiming to be a Bogg Bag retailer.

Eagle Eye is working to help solve that problem by partnering with Bogg Bag to purchase over 58,000 units across 195+ SKU’s in Bogg Bag inventory in 2022 and 2023 to ensure that Bogg Bag enthusiasts can have a trusted retailer to buy “Original” Bogg Bags! Eagle Eye is proud to be one of the largest authorized Bogg Bag dealers, and we are fully committed to being in stock on every single product that Bogg Bag produces!

Another problem in the market is the ridiculous amount of price gouging on the internet. People are selling Bogg Bags on the second-hand market, driving up the prices by 100%. These inflated prices have happened due to the lack of Bogg Bag availability. For example, a Bogg Bag that retails for $89.95 sells for $150-$200! Some retailers and second-hand sellers also appear to be offering “free freight” on your purchase, but they have only inflated the retail price on their Bogg Bag to cover their shipping cost. At Eagle Eye, we promise to align our prices with the Bogg Bag suggested retail price (MSRP) on each item while offering our customers a competitive price on all shipping charges. We will NEVER hike our prices to manipulate the market and our valued customers!

Eagle Eye is fully committed to being a safe, trusted, reliable, and consistent Bogg Bag retailer for you to make all of your Authentic “Original” Bogg Bag purchases! We are so serious about this that we have partnered with Bogg Bag to secure deliveries of every product Bogg Bag offers us. We will strive to keep every color of Bogg Bag in both the Large Original Bogg Bag and Baby Bogg Bag sizes. In addition, we will offer every Bogg Bag accessory from insulated cooler inserts, cosmetic bags, decorative inserts, and Bogg bits.

At Eagle Eye, you won’t have to worry about the availability of products or have to constantly deal with “Pre-Buy” issues that leave you wondering if you will ever get your product. While we may not be able to offer “FREE” shipping on your Bogg Bag purchase, we will do our best to provide you with competitive shipping cost for your purchase and ship it out to you in 24-48 hours from the time you place your order! Our Bogg Bag shipping rates are set based on the size of the box. It is an oversized box; therefore, it costs more to ship. While we wish we could offer free shipping on Bogg Bags, we are a small business and cannot provide it at this time due to the current UPS/USPS rates. As we grow our online business, we hope to leverage better UPS/USPS/FedEx rates to be able to offer lower shipping rates to our faithful customer base. We provide FREE pickup in-store and FREE curbside pickup at our brick-and-mortar store in Dothan, AL.

The one thing you will always get from Eagle Eye Outfitters as a Bogg Bag vendor is the best customer service. Our goal is to serve each customer that chooses to shop with us radically! Hopefully, we will always exceed your expectations and leave you wanting to come back to shop with us again and again!

Learn more about Eagle Eye Outfitters and the many brands we carry. We serve our Dothan, Alabama area with our local retail store and ship across the United States.