What Makes Bogg Bags Unique?

What Makes Bogg Bags Unique?

Many people are curious what all the Bogg Bag hype is about, and leaves a lot of people wondering what makes Bogg Bags unique? These popular beach totes are unique because of their material and their manufacturing process.

What are Bogg Bags Made Of?

Bogg Bags are made completely of EVA material. What is EVA you may ask? EVA stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate, which resembles rubber or foam-like material with its ability to be both flexible and soft. This material also has the ability to resist UV radiation and stress-crack resistance.

The concept of Bogg Bags originated in the USA with the imagination of a New Jersey mom. Today, all manufacturing occurs in China before the Bogg Bags ship to the US.

How are Bogg Bags made?

Each bag is molded individually. Because of this, there will always be slight variations between bags. However, that means your bag is 100% unique and one of a kind!

EVA material can easily obtain marks during the manufacturing process. Each bag ships to us (a certified Bogg Bag retailer) in a plastic bag. In turn, we ship it out directly to you, our customer, in the same bag to protect it.

Though they may have mild imperfections when it comes to the seams (scuffs, pulling, bubbling, etc). If you are unhappy with your bag or you believe it to have an excess amount of marks/discoloration, please don’t hesitate to reach out us directly to discuss your return options.

You can always ship your bag back to us within 60 days (here is our return policy) and we will issue a refund for your bag.

Not ready to send back your bag? With some decor you’d probably never see it. There are cute Bogg bits or third party tassels and more accessories that you can use to decorate the outside of your bag.

Tips to clean your Bogg bag:

  • Water will do the trick!
  • For messier trips, use mild soap and water or a simple antibacterial/baby wipe.
  • Some customers have found Magic Erasers work wonders.

So have no fear! Your Bogg Bag is a one of kind tote bag due to its individual EVA molding.

Do you have more Bogg Bag questions?

We have the answers to it all! Including:

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