All About Crocs

All About Crocs

The iconic shoes that offer next-level comfort. You’ve seen them, you know them. That is to say, you either really love or really hate them. With their ever-increasing popularity, it’s time we answer your most pressing questions all about Crocs. 

What are Crocs made of?

Croslite™ material make up the classic Croc styles. This material absorbs shock and has maximum cushion which makes them great for wearing a long time and easy cleaning. The patented Croslite material is neither latex nor EVA. In other words, the majority of your Croc styles are latex free. (Minus the use in some shoes to adhere pieces of the shoes together.)For more specific information, see individual product pages for details.

Are Crocs non-slip shoes?

Certain Crocs™ shoes offer CrocsLock™ tread, which provide slip-resistance. To clarify, slip-resistance does not mean that they are completely slip-proof. Like wearing any other shoe, you should use caution.

Why are Crocs expensive?

Crocs are relatively inexpensive! The material comprising their designs combine a quality blend of synthetic materials and resin. This design makes them durable and fit for any adventure you may go on. Therefore, your shoes will last for years to come. The signature design cushions the heel, supports arches, and protects your feet. Their lightweight ventilated design promote circulation. Moreover, the spacious toe-box also allows for a healthy gait that does not compress the toes. From the classic clog, to sandals, and even wedges, Crocs does it all. There are Crocs shoes for men, women, and kids!

The average range for kids’ Croc styles is $29.95-$44.95
The average range for adult Croc styles is $44.95-$59.95

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